‘The Greatest Showman’ Saves the Day

The Greatest Showman

I have a confession—a bit of an embarrassing one. After planning for months to have a family vacation in the Bahamas, we showed up to the airport at 6 a.m. on Valentine’s Day with birth certificates for the kids, nine and 11 year’s old.


We were told we they couldn’t board the plane because they needed passports.


But that isn’t what this story is about. It isn’t about how we broke the girls’ hearts. It also isn’t about how we sent my parents, who were traveling with us, ahead.


It’s about how a bit of movie magic saved the day.


Well, first we went to one of the 10 expedited-passport facilities in the country and found out that we could, in fact, get the passports later that day. Then we got on standby for the next day’s flight. And then we went to movies—because how else can you bide your time on such a dramatic day?


Quickly researching what movies were available, I found The Greatest Showman. And, being that it was PG, and at the right time, it was a perfect fit for our family of four. The musical opens in song and then goes on to tell the grand story of P. T Barnum and the creation of Barnum & Bailey Circus, interwoven with the lives of its star attractions.

The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman isn’t my favorite actor, and I often equate him with the cranky Wolverine from X-men. His vocals are a bit anemic, but my daughters told me this worked for the role. This is a story of how oddities—people who are different from the rest—find a way to fit in. It’s a story every parent wants their children to know.


Michelle Willams, who plays Jackman’s wife, has never struck me as warm and fuzzy, yet, by the end of the film, you do love her just a little bit more. Zac Efron slides right into the role of Bailey, but it was his love interest played by Zendaya who moved me.


All in all, this movie is everything a movie should be. It makes you forget your woes, takes you away from the world, keeps you cheering for the main characters, and reminds you to be a good human. The Greatest Showman saved our day.     

Heather Sidorowicz

Heather Sidorowicz is a frenzied mother of two who happens to also own an audio/video
technology company (Southtown Audio Video) in Buffalo, NY. When not designing or
selling or project managing or pretending to do financials, you can find her attempting to
stand on her hands at the yoga studio or writing in the third person.

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