Home Theater Design Reborn—Pt. 1

I tried to think outside the box while creating home theater designs for my new company Rayva—these extremely stylized interiors based on two-dimensional and (soon) three-dimensional artwork for the theater walls are a radical departure from my more traditional theater designs. Most home theaters are realistically rendered miniatures of Golden Age movie palaces complete with wall columns, upholstered wall panels, a proscenium opening with a motorized curtain behind it, and a fancy ceiling layout. But the level of detail that goes into most of these theaters results in lengthy and expensive construction.

In creating the “look” for the Rayva theaters, my first goals were to simplify the room designs and to standardize the design components. I know that by doing this I run the risk of alienating people who are accustomed to rooms-within-rooms covered wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in rich architectural details. But I’m confident that creating rooms that can be finished in a day for a mere fraction of the cost of building a traditional home theater will be well worth the tradeoff.

My designs for Rayva are comprised of two elements: The room itself and the design elements inside it. The room—a basic rectangle adjusted to the size of the client’s actual spaceis built by the client’s contractor based on detailed plans included with the purchase of the theater. Once the room is done, the design elementswhich have been fabricated elsewherecan be installed in a day.

In future posts, I’ll talk about how I arrived at this new approach to home theater design and how I’m working with designers, artists, and other talent to cultivate fresh ideas that reflect Rayva’s mission to think outside the home-theater box.

Theo Kalomirakis

Theo Kalomirakis is widely considered the father of home theater, with scores of luxury theater
designs to his credit. He is an avid movie fan, with a collection of over 15,ooo discs. Theo is the
Executive Director of Rayva.

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