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Why I Have a Sonos One in My Bathroom

Sonos One

A few months back, Sonos released a product called the Sonos Onenot to be confused with the Play:1. (Did they not have a marketing meeting to discuss how confusing that is to the average bear?) Being a “technologist,” I like to play with new products I think could have an impact on the mass market, so I ordered one for myself.


Excitedly, I set up the Sonos One in my kitchen and unplugged Alexa (who lives in the busy hub) since the Sonos, according to my research, would be able to replace the Echo while improving upon the audio. And, although our system is connected to in-ceiling speakers throughout our house, I thought perhaps this could be an answer for quiet mornings when my family is not yet awake.


I was wrong.


The One reminds me of a toddler who often does not pay attention. She listens when she feels like itif at all. After much yelling “Alexa” with no reply (if I want to yell and not be heard, I have kids for that), I unplugged the unit and placed it in my downstairs bathroom.


Why the bathroom?


I’m the first one up in my household, and while readying myself, I can ask for the day’s news-brief (and if she doesn’t listen, I’m no worse for the wear). Then I discovered I could request music while in the shower, and starting the day dancing to Vampire Weekend on a dreary January morning, I assure you, is the right way to go.


Yes, I still sometimes find myself yelling at the speaker, but I believe the Sonos One will probably improve through software downloads as time wears on. The people I really feel bad for are those who ordered the Play:1 by mistake and are out there in the great big world yelling at a unit that will never answer.

—Heather Sidorowicz

Heather Sidorowicz is a frenzied mother of two who happens to also own an audio/video
technology company (Southtown Audio Video) in Buffalo, NY. When not designing or
selling or project managing or pretending to do financials, you can find her attempting to
stand on her hands at the yoga studio or writing in the third person.