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Dennis Burger’s Wishlist for 2018

2018 Wishlist--Battlefront II

More than anything, I’m hoping both the gaming industry and Hollywood do some serious soul-searching in the coming year. The conclusion I hope they reach? We consumers have reached a breaking point when it comes to being screwed over. My evidence in this argument? The fact that Battlefront II, the latest Star Wars video game release, currently sits at a 0.9 rating on Metacritic. Not a 9. A zero-point-nine. Nine-tenths of one point.


The reality is, it’s not that bad a game. Not mind-blowingly amazing, but certainly solid. Were I to slap a score on it, it would be a minimum of 7.5.


So why the abysmal user reviews? Because the game’s developers burdened the release with cheap money-making tactics that fall somewhere on a spectrum between extortion and gambling. At the behest of Lucasfilm, these money-making mechanisms were shut down right after the game launched, but the damage was done. Gamers had had enough. To pay full price ($60 to $80) for a game only to be nickel and dimed to death when attempting to advance through the experience at a reasonable pace is an insult that simply has to end.


Gamers feel as if the only way to force an end to such shenanigans is outright revolt. Only the game publishers have the power to decide whether 2018 is an apology tour or a bloodbath.

2018 Wishlist--The Last Jedi

What about Hollywood? I’m not breaking any new ground with this revelation, but we consumers have had our fill of double-, triple-, and even quadruple-dipping when it comes to non-streaming home-video releases. I worry that Disney will attempt, in typical fashion, to release Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a relatively standard Blu-ray early in the spring and follow it up with a deluxe bonus edition late next year. They got away with it for The Force Awakens. They’ve gotten away with it on so many major releases in the past. I’m not sure they will for much longer.


Give us the goodies up front. Give us a UHD Blu-ray, for goodness’ sake. Throw in an audio commentary exploring The Last Jedi’s deep and numerous subversive themes. Give us the tribute to Carrie Fisher we’re all longing to see. Give us all of that without holding back, and we’ll snatch up the physical discs gladly, perhaps even in record numbers. But if Disney gives us the standard tease, or forces us to buy multiple retailer exclusives to get all the bonus features that exist out in the wild, it will simply be putting yet another nail in the coffin of physical media.

—Dennis Burger

Dennis Burger is an avid Star Wars scholar, Tolkien fanatic, and Corvette enthusiast
who somehow also manages to find time for technological passions including
high-end audio, home automation, and video gaming. He lives in the armpit of
Alabama with his wife Bethany and their four-legged child Bruno, a 75-pound
American Staffordshire Terrier who thinks he’s a Pomeranian.

John Sciacca’s Best of ’17

Best of 2017--Strato Movie Player

Best Trend: 4K HDR/Immersive Audio Content

4K Ultra HD content really took off in 2017. Ultra HD TVs have reached mass-market pricing, and we even have an incredibly affordable true 4K projector from Sony. Plus, the content side has finally caught up—I’m guessing we’ve now crested the 300-disc mark, and there are more than 220 titles available for download at the Kaleidescape store. The benefits of 4K HDR go far beyond the extra pixels, with a wider color gamut that produces over a billion colors, 10-bit video that eliminates banding and delivers an incredibly clean, pristine image, and high dynamic range producing brilliant whites and clean, deep blacks. Further, most of these titles also include next-generation immersive audio in the form of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, giving you an experience at home that can rival or exceed that of any commercial cinema. As someone who loves movies but finds it difficult to make it to the theater (thanks to a 20-month-old daughter), being able to enjoy them in fantastic quality on my home system is a real “Best of”!

Best of 2017--SEAL Team

Best New TV Show: SEAL Team

My cousin Chris was a “Teams guy,” having served with SEAL Team VII for several years. I’ve always been impressed and fascinated with his stories from abroad (one of which inspired this feature story for Sound & Vision that is one of my favorites I’ve written), and I definitely enjoy TV shows and films that cover the SEALs. (The best film—by which I mean the one that gets it the most right—is Lone Survivor. Highly recommended, and with a dynamic DTS:X soundtrack on the 4K disc!) Usually, I’m pulled out of the story by inaccuracies, poor weapons handling, bad dialogue, or whatever, but CBS’s new drama SEAL Team gets so many things right that it’s easy to overlook the stuff they get wrong. There’s also enough “storyline” in between the action that it’s engaged my wife as well. Definitely worth a viewing if you’re looking for a new show!

Best of 2017--SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer

Best Addition to My Home System: SVS SB16-ULTRA Subwoofer

I regularly make changes, additions, and improvements to my personal home theater system. This year, I added a second subwoofer in the form of the new SVS SB16-Ultra. This is a 16-inch, 5,000-watt bass monster. My system now delivers bass that is seismic, with impact and pressure waves you literally feel hammering you in the chest. At times, it almost feels like the couch is moving, and the bass is far more dynamic even at lower volumes. For the money ($2,000 list), I’m not sure there’s a better, more theatrical sub you can add to your system.

Best of 2017--The Last Jedi

Best Personal Experience: Star Wars Episode VIII

As I write this, it has been about two hours since I dropped my best friend Dan off at the airport to return home. I’ve known Dan for about 35 years now, and he is far more family than friend. Since the theatrical re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy back in 1997, I have seen every Star Wars film with him on opening day. I flew out to California to see Episodes I, II, and III with him, and he has flown back to Myrtle Beach to see The Force Awakens and (just this past Thursday) The Last Jedi with me. Beyond the quality of the films—and Jedi was really enjoyable, though not quite as good as TFA, in our opinion—the company, camaraderie, and conversations pre and post movie are every bit as important as the movie itself. Also, this is the first Star Wars film my oldest daughter, Lauryn, has been able to join us for on opening day. To be able to see and share this premiere with an old friend and my daughter was a wonderful, truly “Best of” experience!

John Sciacca

Probably the most experienced writer on custom installation in the industry, John Sciacca is
co-owner of Custom Theater & Audio in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, & is known for his writing
for such publications as
 Residential Systems and Sound & Vision. Follow him on Twitter at

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