Theo’s Corner: My Newest Designs

My newest designs are a dramatic departure from the home theater interiors we’re all familiar with. Compared with the ornamental approach of a typical home theater, which usually reflects a particular design style—Art Deco, Traditional, Contemporary, etc.—my interiors for Rayva are intentionally linear, clean-cut, and almost abstract. Instead of three-dimensional architectural elements, I’m using juxtaposed photographs of various themes: Seascapes, Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Shapes, as well as Theaters (which are images of some of the theaters I’ve designed).


But not all the themes I developed made the final cut. Flowers and Orchard were put aside temporarily—Flowers because the subject was a bit too “pretty” and decorative, and Orchard (broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, etc.) because the objects in the photos, striking as they were, might have alienated some people with their “in your face” realism. I’m not ready to push the envelope that far.


I’m now working on a different type of theme: Non-photographic, three-dimensional artwork. I’m inviting fine artists, graphic artists, and designers to use the Rayva theaters as an opportunity to create artwork that will be displayed on the theater walls like in a gallery. Spatial energy and abstract or hyper-realistic three-dimensional objects will define these designs. Beyond its aesthetic qualities, the artwork has to have certain characteristics that will make it comply with the acoustic properties of a room. It also has to lend itself to a modular treatment, so it can be easily transported and quickly assembled.


I’m looking for artists to collaborate with, so if you have art you feel would be appropriate for one of our themes, or know someone who does, please look at the Call for Entries below.

Theo Kalomirakis

Theo Kalomirakis is widely considered the father of home theater, with scores of luxury theater
designs to his credit. He is an avid movie fan, with a collection of over 15,ooo discs. Theo is the
Executive Director of Rayva.

Theo Kalomirakis' new home theater designs
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