Those Movie Moments

A Monster Calls

There are movie moments in your life. These are the moments that catch you—they make you cry, sob, laugh, scare the crap out you. And they taste good. You want to hold on to them, and you want to share them.


Around the dinner table, you tell the story of a movie you witnessed and regal the others with just enough of the story so they will want to see it too. I still remember bawling like a teen who just lost her first love after seeing Big Fish. I remember the weather—cold and chilly—on that murky dark evening after the credits rolled. 


Last week, my youngest daughter was invited to a sleepover, which left our eldest to become the only child for one brief evening. We asked her to choose how we would spend the date night, just her and her parents. My homebody picked dinner in, and a movie.


Earlier this year, we remodeled our living room into a livable theater, complete with a Sony 75 Z Series TV and an Atmos surround sound system. That evening, we decided on the movie A Monster Calls.


The story is about a boy who is not yet a man but is still forced to deal with the overwhelming sadness of this world. He is visited by a monster who tells him three stories and requires him to narrate the fourth, and through this he begins to heal.


The tale captures you as the sound envelops you, pulling you into the story. The visual effects are stunning, and yes, my eyes welled up at the end—OK, I all-out cried.


Our little evening was unexpected and heartfelt, and I suspect when my dear daughter looks back on our date night, her sentiments for the movie will return, for she has experienced one of those movie moments.

—Heather Sidorowicz

Heather Sidorowicz is a frenzied mother of two who happens to also own an audio/video
technology company (Southtown Audio Video) in Buffalo, NY. When not designing or
selling or project managing or pretending to do financials, you can find her attempting to
stand on her hands at the yoga studio or writing in the third person.

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