Why Should You Care What I Think?–Pt. 2

Nicki Minaj

In Part 1, I related my recent experience at a Rumer concert, where a man came up to me afterward and said, “You can throw that concert in the garbage!” I’ve been thinking through that encounter for weeks now. No matter how I felt or what I thought was right, the individual reality of the situation was totally opposite—I thought the show was good and he thought it was bad. How could two people have such disparate opinions?


I’ve always felt there are objective standards of quality. Would anyone contend that Showgirls is a better movie than Citizen Kane or that Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” is a better song than Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”? But if someone really likes Minaj’s song and thinks Dylan is some boring old wheezer, are they right? In that person’s own mind, they are.


I’m still struggling with this, but for now I’ve reconciled this shock to my belief system by thinking that I have to accept two parallel states of reality, like the wave-particle duality in quantum physics. One: I believe there are standards of quality in music, movies, and art. Two: Some people will have opinions that may be completely opposite these standards.


But there’s a reason I’m going to voice my opinions in the face of all that: When it comes to music and entertainment, I love this stuff.


I mean to share that kind of enthusiasm through my reviewing. I’m moved when I hear a great song. I get emotionally immersed in a good movie. For me, music and entertainment are excitement, solace, relaxation, nirvana, life. I want to let others know about something worth experiencing! I think I’ve been around the block long enough to recognize when something is good, or exceptionally good, or off-the-meter good.


Just my opinion.

—Frank Doris

Frank Doris is the chief cook & bottle washer for Frank Doris/Public Relations and works with a
number of audio & music industry clients. He’s a professional guitarist and a vinyl enthusiast with
multiple turntables and thousands of records.

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